In Their Own Voices

Without the distraction of boys during school hours, we are able to focus more of our attention on our friendships and giving back to the community. This doesn't mean that boys are nonexistent in our lives; there are countless opportunities to meet boys in high school outside of the classroom. But among the great things about attending an all-girls school are the strong sisterly bonds and a warm, welcoming environment. When I walk onto the Presentation campus, I immediately feel at home.

– Ana, 17

Going to an all-girls school has built my confidence. In class, I am not afraid to raise my hand and ask questions. I’m not afraid to say the wrong answer. Getting the answer wrong helps me learn.

– Sarah, 18

My middle school was co-ed, and I used to spend at least half an hour straightening my hair and making sure my outfit was perfect. Now I sleep later, get ready in 10 minutes, and am more refreshed for the school day. Going to an all-girls school has helped me escape daily concerns of wearing “stylish” clothes – now I focus on tests, research papers, and projects. I’d never thought I’d be saying this, but attending an all-girls school is a wonderful thing.

– Taylor, 17