Parent Board

The Presentation Parent Board is made up of Presentation parents who believe in and support the school's educational goals and Catholic philosophy. Board members are selected by a Parent Board nominating committee from the entire Presentation parent community who have been active in volunteering and supporting school events.

The Parent Board's role is to assist the Administration in:

  • supporting the Catholic philosophy and goals of Presentation High School.
  • promoting an active interest in Presentation High School by encouraging participation in its educational and social event activities.
  • working toward the development of the school's programs by initiating and implementing a variety of fundraising events.
  • providing feedback to the Administration for school programs and initiatives that foster the ongoing growth and development of Presentation High School.

Events hosted by the Parent Board
Mother-Daughter Mass & Breakfast
This event is dedicated to the special relationship between mothers and daughters. Mass is followed by a breakfast served by a group of Presentation dads. 
Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament
A relaxed, fun-filled night with a fabulous homemade dinner, beverages and spirited card playing! This event is brimming with friendly competition and camaraderie.
Principal's State of the School Address
Presentation High School's annual report is given by Principal Mary Miller. The current status of academics, co-curricular activities, finances and future growth plans for the school is presented.  Time is given at the end of the presentation for questions and answers.
Crab Feed
This all-you-can-eat crab and pasta dinner is always a sold-out event.  Besides fabulous food, there is always great music and lots of dancing!
Incoming Freshmen BBQ
Incoming freshmen and parents are invited to a BBQ and have the opportunity to meet other incoming freshmen, as well as faculty.  Parents and students have the opportunity to learn more about planning classes and have the opportunity to buy PresWear.
Senior Dinner
Senior parents and other family members celebrate their daughter's four years at Presentation, with delicious dinner and a memorable video of their daughters and their classmates.
Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
This luncheon is served as a treat for our amazing faculty and staff. Join this committee and help plan, cook, and serve a delicious lunch.

Contact Us

Jane Jeziorski
Phone: 408-264-5110, ext. 2428

2014-2015 Parent Board

Lisa Allen

Vice President

Lisa Matthews


Dave Nickel


Joel Dibble

Recording Secretary

Ruth Shikada


Candice Lownsbery
Kim Premo

Alum Reps
Arlene Fukawa
Phil Micciche
Debbie Cuzner
Lisa Gilday

Nirvana Anoosheh
Paul Bernal
Ginny Berner
Giovanni Caltagirone
Dana Carollo
Maria Chavez-Kaul
Cathy Cioth
Todd Courtney
Monica Dibble
Kevin Huber
Katie Jaeb
Chris Kelly
Anna Kisin
Frank Kraul
Jeanne Mullins
Jeff Mullins
Rob Naragon
Bobby Nuttal
Mary Nuttal
TJ Osborne
Maggie Pecoraro
Caroline Pineda
Pat Premo
Mary Kay Redmond
Mary Roth
Raj Singh
Dave Stanton
Jill Sullivan
Craig Urban
Toni von Dohren
Scott Westlake