Travel Opportunities

At Presentation, we believe travel opens your mind, expands your awareness and connects you to other cultures and people.
Our students travel throughout California and the U.S. as well as abroad. Take a look at some of the trips we are planning this year!

Trips Abroad

Summer 2017


June 6-22, 2016

A highlight of our French program is our cultural exchange! Advanced students can do a home stay in the south of France, and any student may choose to host a French student for two weeks.

Contact Monica Stampfl for more information.


June 3-11

Open to Juniors
Cost: not to exceed $2,300

“Here this is my open house, there is a plate for you at our table, trees offer shade for your head, open the book of your life!” This popular Nicaraguan song about visiting our neighbors, sharing a meal and opening our lives to each other sets the tone for this service learning experience in Nicaragua.

The focus of this trip will be to create deeper solidarity and relationship with our Presentation Missions. The group will be hosted by Sister Rachel Pinal, PBVM, who is a facilitadore for two schools in Somotillo, Chinandega. San Ignacio School educates children who work on the streets of the city shining shoes, selling tortillas and doing other jobs. The second school is a joint secondary school and agricultural training center begun by farming parents in a remote mountainous area that provides education from sixth grade through high school.
Students on this trip will learn about the culture and daily reality of life in Nicaragua by visiting Leon with its beautiful cathedral, seeing various volcanoes and lakes, and spending an afternoon shopping at the artist’s market in Masaya.

Email Lindsay Swoboda for more information.


June 4-12, 2017

Presentation students will travel to the Bahamas to work with Earthwatch, a non-profit organization that allows students to be involved in scientific research. On this trip, student research will center on the endangered green sea turtle and the hawksbill sea turtle. Students will work with scientists to collect data on the turtles and their habitats to help prevent the further decline of these endangered species. The data will be shared and used to inform decisions made by the government in the Bahamas.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tracy Hughes:

Domestic Trips


San Jose Urban Plunge

Sept. 16-17, 2016

Take the plunge into service as you get a firsthand look at poverty in our own hometown, San Jose.

Students serve meals at soup kitchens, volunteer their time at shelters, and sleep overnight in a church. Then, the next day, students immerse themselves in a 'scavenger hunt' of sorts, looking for lodging and jobs without any money and limited resources.

Contact Crystal Catalan for more information.

Washington, D.C.

Nov. 10-14, 2016

The Ignatian Family Teach-In takes place every year in Washington, D.C.

1,300 students from high schools and colleges nationwide meet to reflect on social justice issues, including: immigration, environmental justice, and foreign policy issues.

Our students will also meet with local legislators on Capitol Hill, to start a dialogue about solutions to these complex issues.

Contact Crystal Catalan for more information.

Southern California

Feb. 19-24, 2017

During winter break, students travel to southern California to meet with recent immigrants who are receiving resources - and most importantly, love - from the Sisters of the Presentation.

The trip starts in San Diego where students will walk along the border (on the California side) with someone who has made the journey across.

Participants then travel to Los Angeles to stay with the Presentation sisters at the Presentation Learning Center. While there, students will teach ESL to recent immigrants and work in their preschool.

Next is a trip to Tipton to work with migrant farm workers and their families alongside the sisters at Las Rosas Education Center.

Contact Lindsay Swoboda for more information.

San Francisco Urban Plunge

March 9-10, 2017

Students will travel to San Francisco to work alongside the Presentation Sisters and to visit organizations dedicated to alleviating poverty in the Mission and Tenderloin districts.

Activities include serving breakfast to day laborers and tutoring ESL students. Students will stay at the Presentation Motherhouse to have nightly reflections in the chapel.

Contact Lindsay Swoboda for more information.

Ashland, Oregon

Hit the road and travel to Ashland, Oregon for the annual Shakespeare Festival. You'll get to see an incredible line-up of theater productions. Plus, enjoy shopping and dining excursions!

Contact Tara Komar for more information.


March 28-April 2, 2017

Travel to Doddridge County, West Virginia to learn from and serve the Appalachian community.

Students will learn about contemporary Appalachian challenges such as fracking, poverty, hunger, and education.

They will also learn about the incredible work being done by the Appalachian community to resist exploitation and stand for human dignity.

During this immersion, students will build porches, install floors, and work on many other service projects.

Contact Crystal Catalan for more information.


April 17-22, 2017

Open to Juniors & Seniors
Cost: $700

Jesus says to us, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."- Matthew 25:45.

Following this calling students from Presentation and Bellarmine will travel to Nogales, Arizona to work with Kino Border Initiative (KBI). This organization was founded by the Jesuit order to serve immigrants who have recently been deported back to Mexico. Students will cross the border during the day to serve in KBI's soup kitchen and women's shelter. Students will also have an opportunity to visit a federal courtroom to witness the process of an immigration hearing. Finally, they will travel out into the desert to deliver water and emergency kits that could make the difference between life and death for immigrants.

At night students will stay in Nogales and participate in bonding and reflection time. This collaborative trip with Bellarmine will give students the opportunity to explore their perspectives on immigration and live out God's calling to serve the least of thee.

L'Arche, Washington

Feb. 20-25

Located in Tahoma, WA, L'Arche Tahoma Hope belongs to an international organization and community started by Jean Vanier in France. It is home to people with and without developmental disabilities. This immersion trip provides students an opportunity to engage with our brothers and sisters through community-building activities and daily farm work. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of the L'Arche community. Tahoma Hope celebrates the unique value of every person and recognizes our need for one another.

For More Information

For more information about travel opportunities, please contact the faculty member listed in each trip description.

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