The Brilliance of Balance

Grow Academically, Personally, and Completely.


There's brilliant potential within you that goes beyond academic achievement.

At Pres, you'll discover the way to unveil this powerful potential is to focus not only on intellectual growth, but true, whole personal growth as well. Here, you'll certainly grow intellectually, but you'll also grow emotionally, spiritually, and socially. You'll achieve as a student and scholar—but most importantly, you'll achieve the best, most successful and complete version of you.




Think, innovate, create, perform, connect and engage.

Be immersed in exciting, challenging, fun experiences.

Contribute to the world. And then get ready to change it.

Give of yourself. Make an impact. Make a difference.

Embrace what makes you uniquely who you are.

Define and strive for your very own version of success.



Pres is the place.

60+ Activities
100% of Students go to College
12:1 Student to Faculty Ratio
21 Average Class Size





Find your shine

Get ready to dive into your dynamic, exciting high school years comfortably and confidently, being well, doing well, making lifelong connections, and preparing for a lifetime of possibilities! You'll look forward to each day as a new chance to participate, think critically, fulfill your curiosity, engage the community, work hard and play hard. You'll have the time, space, support and tools you need to prepare for all the amazing opportunities that await you in your continuing education, your career, and beyond.







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