Empowering Leadership

At Presentation High School, students gain the leadership training to become empowered young women. Through our curriculum, faith and strong sisterhood, students experience personal development, leadership opportunities, and learn to face challenges with confidence.

Amanda (‘20) speaks about peer ministry and how she feels empowered by being able to connect with others by talking about topics of faith and being able to have similar discussions with other students about their journey.

Faguni (‘21) says she feels empowered when faced with a challenge, which makes her stronger.

Students at Presentation possess leadership potential and have the unique ability to develop their skills through many opportunities in a positive way. During their four years of high school, Presentation students have many wonderful opportunities, including:

  1. Unique Course Offerings, Teams, and Clubs

At Presentation, students can create their own graduation pathway, selecting from an array of courses to explore their interests and help with their personal development. The course selection includes several levels of AP courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Modern Language, Music, Studio Art, etc.), to Computer Applications, Ceramics, Voice, Dance, Theater, Video Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Broadcast Journalism, Religious Studies, Literature, and more.

Presentation students can also choose to participate in more than forty clubs and programs that range from robotics, dance, student council, math and science academy, speech and debate, choir, LatinX, yearbook, future in film, drama, and much more.

Our athletic programs are also very popular and offer competitive opportunities in many sports, including our award-winning dance team, volleyball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, water polo, lacrosse, etc.

Throughout their journey at Presentation, students face challenges that give them the leadership training to prepare them for college life and beyond. They are shown difficult texts and are given opportunities to work on real-world projects that could change the world. Students are shown dissenting opinions, challenging them to think differently. Because of the high academic rigor, self discipline and resiliency become the tools that students develop that will help them to succeed.

  1. Faith Exploration

Through community service, campus ministry opportunities, and religious studies, students explore their faith and share their experiences with others. While we are a Catholic school, our community is welcoming of all faiths and backgrounds and we celebrate and honor multiple faith traditions. Through daily challenges, it is important that students be given opportunities to reflect on their faith and values, building strong foundations that will guide them far beyond high school.

  1. Community Involvement

Presentation students actively engage in local and global communities through service opportunities, fundraisers, advocacy projects, and immersion trips. Having critical awareness and being able to positively impact the lives of others empowers our Presentation students with leadership skills and builds confidence to become strong and courageous leaders.

  1. Creating Strong Bonds and Lifelong Friends in an All-Girls Environment

Pres’ all-female environment empowers our students to raise their hands, take on leadership roles, and form their own original ideas as part of their personal development. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions in a welcoming and supportive environment. The sisterhood bond at Pres is strong, our students lift each other up, and remain supportive friends and advocates of their classmates for a lifetime. As our students grow and mature into young women, the leadership training they gain from Pres enables them to become strong, independent, individuals who are the service-driven leaders that our world needs more than ever. 

Presentation High School is an independent, college preparatory school for girls with a Catholic mission that fosters a lifelong sisterhood, courageous leaders, and compassionate advocates who are ready for college and life. "Pres" delivers a well-rounded, faith-based experience including academic excellence, award-winning programs and clubs, and individualized support where all are welcome.


  • Leadership Training
  • Personal Development