Animated GIFs Created by Pres Students Now Available on Giphy

Thanks to our talented Pres Graphic Design students, you can now access animated Pres GIFs on Giphy through Instagram Stories and iMessages. Digital Arts Teacher Nancy Ingersoll describes how students used digital tools on their iPads to create animated GIFs for her Graphic Design class.

“This calendar year threw a curve ball at a lot of things—Pres teachers stepped up to the challenge and revamped the curriculum to accommodate the remote circumstances,” Ingersoll said. “Diving deep into some pretty cool apps that Pres had access to, the Graphic Design class made good use of their student-issued Apple iPads and pencils.”

As everyone on campus transitioned to remote learning, Pres students were no longer on campus to access the Mac Lab for their Digital Arts classes. “Without the community walking past the walls and display cases on campus, I had to think of a new way to share the students’ artwork,” Ingersoll said. “But I wanted it to be better than what we were doing in the past. I wanted to share their artwork with the world, rather than just our community. Enter the world’s largest gallery—the internet.” 

In the Graphic Design class, students arrived at a lesson in social media as a marketing platform. Students set out to make animated GIFs in the Procreate App that would be used to boost engagement or promote the school.

Students, Annalee Baroni ‘23, Jadelynn Dao ‘21, Anika Gowda ‘22, Nicole Inoue ‘21, Elise Mullen ‘21, Sophia Nguyen ‘23, Aashna Sahejpal ‘23, Sanjna Shah ‘24 and Ella Zhang ‘21 all created animated GIFs; which are now available for public use as stickers in Instagram Stories and in iMessages using the Giphy keyboard, typing in the “presentationhs” keyword.

Gowda said, “Graphic Design class has helped me explore my preferences from an artistic perspective, and I really enjoy the way we are able to develop our own ideas to express our interests.”

Gowda and Millen created graphics which represented their passion for athletics at Pres with a tennis and water polo animated GIF. Baroni made sure that the Robotics Team #2135 got represented with an Open Shop animation. Inoue and Nguyen embraced the new tagline of SHINE with their GIFs. The school spirit really came out in the panther designs by Sahejapal and Shah. All of these have transparent backgrounds, which means that they can be integrated with photos on Instagram stories, among other places.

"What makes me most excited about the Giphy sticker project is that it lives beyond the classroom in a platform that students use. It validates their talent from an outside professional perspective, and that is good for self esteem and builds confidence in my student artists," says Ingersoll. 

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about many challenges for all. Pres started the school year with a new slogan for students, to Shine. “Now, these students have published artwork that has been seen by thousands, and the number keeps growing; this is a great example of how our students are Shining,” Ingersoll said.  

We are all so proud of our students and invite you to join us in congratulating them in this creative accomplishment. 

Graphic Design is an arts course offered for grades 9⁠–12 at Pres. Presentation senior, Jadelynn Dao says “graphic design is a really interesting art form because you are using images and icons to enhance words in a creative way.” For more information about the arts program at Pres, visit:

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