4 Keys to Remote Learning Success for Students

4 Keys to Remote Learning Success for Students

For many students, the pivot to remote learning can be a challenge. While educators work toward making the virtual environment as effective as the classroom, there are still roadblocks that can appear along the way. 

Remote learning at Presentation High School focuses on consistent communication to keep educating and engaging students through virtual methods. Presentation’s emphasis on students’ intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth helps keep students successful with online learning.

As the fall semester progresses, here are four key strategies to keep you, or your student, on track to finishing the academic year strong while learning online.                                                                                    

Stay Focused 

Having a workspace with few distractions will ensure that you’re focused during your online classes and while completing assignments. If your workspace is cluttered or in a loud area, you may not be as productive. 

Rearranging your remote learning set up or adding personal reminders to your desk space can help make your at-home classroom seem more inviting. At the same time, keeping up with a normal daily routine that you would have during a normal school year can also be helpful. Whether that means making yourself a big breakfast, or listening to your favorite songs while you get ready, focusing your mindset on a routine will pay off in the long run.

Stay Positive

Clear your mind with music, TV, and stepping outside. Being indoors more doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the things you like to do. Looking up good recipes to cook or bake or arranging a social-distanced picnic with your friends outside can help you find joy during unusual times.

Regularly taking breaks and finding time to socialize with other students can help stimulate your mind and allow you to not overwork yourself. Sitting at a desk all day can be draining, so focus on things you are passionate about outside of academics, and find ways to integrate them into your school day.

Stay Motivated 

Taking classes from home can be a struggle; especially when you’re not seeing your teachers or peers in person. Keeping a schedule and to-do list reminders will help declutter your brain and allow you to stay better organized with your school work. If a teacher provides an outline of assignments and assessments for the semester, take some time to sit down and map it out in a planner or on Google Calendar. 

Challenge yourself to do your best and push yourself to learn independently. It may not be ideal, but being your own biggest motivator will allow you to make the most out of remote learning. 

Stay Healthy

The mind and body work together to make you the most productive person you can be. Prioritizing mental health and doing activities that keep your body active and healthy make for a better you! 

There’s no shame in acknowledging that the digital shift is difficult. Be honest with yourself and your limitations. Communicate with teachers and school administrators if you feel you are struggling or need some more support. Your school is here for you to guide you through the remote- learning process. Setting up times to meet (safely) with your teachers outside of class, if possible, or checking in with the school counselor can help you get peace of mind if you feel that you’re falling behind or need someone to talk to. And be sure to communicate with your parents about your feelings around remote learning.

Working on these strategies early on will serve you well for success as the school year progresses. These strategies will easily adapt from remote education to in-person and any hybrid-learning model. 


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