For college-bound students, high school is a stepping stone for what’s next. Presentation is committed to setting students up for success, wherever their journey takes them. Here are just a few ways our school hones in on college preparation:

Unique Course Selection

Presentation students have more than 100 unique courses to choose from when setting their class schedules. These include a variety of college-prep, Advanced Placement and honors courses. Nearly 50% of our classes are STEM-based, including courses on applied mathematics, engineering and computer science. We also offer classes including subjects such as visual and performing arts, humanities and liberal studies, and a variety of foreign languages. Whatever young women choose to pursue in life, they can get their start at Presentation.

Personalized College Guidance

College preparation is not one size fits all. Every student has different goals, which is why our dedicated staff of college counselors works with each student on an individual basis. These counselors develop college plans to help students meet admissions requirements once they’re ready to apply. This guidance through the application process is invaluable to our students, especially those seeking to attend competitive colleges across the country.

Clubs and Affinity Groups

On-campus organizations at Presentation prepare students for life in college while making high school a more fun and fulfilling experience. Whether it’s the Anime and Manga Club or the Presentation Animal Wellness Squad (PAWS), our expansive club program truly offers a way for students to network while exploring their shared interests. Service-minded young women can join the Community Involvement Club and Campus Ministry. Presentation also offers a variety of affinity groups including the Black Student Union (BSU), Desi Student Association (DSA) and LatinX. Through a wide variety of groups, students are able to learn more about themselves and connect with other classmates along the way.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Academy is part of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Presentation. Students learn the fundamentals of leadership through a variety of interactive workshops on topics like team building, problem solving, and effective project management. Students in this program can complete capstone projects that have a positive impact on the entire school while giving students real-world experience managing projects, working with teams, and achieving goals. Any student can join Leadership Academy and approximately 200 students enroll in the workshops every year.
Through various curricular and cocurricular programs, Presentation High School prepares young women for life in college and beyond. Want to know why Presentation might be the best college prep high school for your student? Give us a call at (408) 264-1664.
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