Parents have no shortage of options when it comes to where to send their teenagers for high school. Many questions come into play between middle school and high school: Will you choose a religious high school? Will it be a co-ed or single-sex school? You and your child have several factors to consider when choosing the perfect school. Here’s why we believe a faith-based education is the best choice for most teens:

Establishing Values

During high school, teens go on a journey of self-discovery. Faith-based education helps teens develop their character. Through lessons inside and outside of the classroom, students learn about Catholic values and how to incorporate them into their own lives. Students will carry these ethical standards with them far beyond their time in school.

Sense of Belonging

In an environment where a core value is loving your neighbor, everyone benefits from a sense of belonging. Whether they are Catholic or not, all students will find opportunities to explore their faith in an environment that encourages respectful dialogue and learning from one another. As students face challenges during their high school years, a caring and supportive community can help them navigate their way through difficult times while leaning on their faith for guidance.

Finding Purpose

During the all-important self-discovery journey students experience in their teen years, finding a purpose is essential. At Catholic high schools, students participate in meaningful work, from learning about social justice and advocacy to community service and immersion trips. They also have opportunities to grow through leadership programs, affinity groups and clubs on campus. There’s plenty of room to find purpose.

Academic Excellence

While subjects like faith and service play a vital role in faith-based education, Catholic schools also hone in on academic excellence. The dedicated teachers at these schools ensure that students who struggle don’t fall through the cracks. With smaller than average class sizes, they have more room to focus on each student as an individual. Students who attend Catholic school tend to achieve higher on an academic level than their public school peers. They have higher graduation rates and move on to higher education at a rate of nearly 100% after graduation.

Spiritual Development

As teens learn more about themselves, they may start having questions about their faith. At a faith-based high school, there will be plenty of people around to ask, from fellow students to on-campus spiritual leaders. Catholic high schools encourage students to pray in public and live out their faith in service of others. While on campus, students have the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith in a way they may not feel empowered outside of school.
Faith-based education provides students with all the tools they need to develop spiritually and academically as they prepare for life after high school. Presentation High School provides opportunities for students to grow in their faith through community involvement, campus ministry and religious studies. Want to know why Presentation might be the best fit for your student? Give us a call at (408) 264-1664.
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