Announcing our New Board of Directors


We are pleased to announce the school’s new Board of Directors. Each person shares a long and committed relationship to Presentation High School, and each responded with a heartfelt “yes” to the call to serve on the Board of Directors and share their innate gifts and needed competencies in service to our school. We are incredibly blessed to have such devoted leaders to partner with in our mission.

The Sisters retain ultimate responsibility for our mission and Catholicity and will continue to work with the new Board of Directors to ensure our Catholic values and the charism of Nano Nagle, the foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation, is lived out with conviction and care. 

Our new Board of Directors will be chaired by Beth Rhodes ’99. The Board members were reviewed and approved by the Sisters’ Leadership Team and include:

Name/Initial Term

Mari Alba 2020-2022

David Anderson 2020-2022

Linda Antonopoulos 2020-2021

Michele Hansen 2020-2023

Robert Hencken 2020-2022

Kirk McKim 2020-2021

Steve Morgan 2020-2023

Paula Myers 2020-2022

Judy Nadler 2020-2022

Mimi Niemiller ’77 2020-2023

Kimberly Pitts-Davis 2020-2023

Beth Rhodes ’99 2020-2021

Richard Zahner 2020-2021

The Board of Directors are responsible for formulating policy consistent with the mission and vision of Presentation High School, fiduciary oversight, long-term sustainability and strategic planning, and legal compliance. For more information on how the board members were selected and the role of the Sisters of the Presentation in sponsoring Presentation High School, click here.

Nano Nagle said, “With the help of God, we can do a great deal.” We know with God’s help and your prayers and ongoing support for Presentation High School, we shall do a great deal of lasting good.