Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update

In June 2020 we announced our DEI action plan along with our school-wide commitments, these include: 

  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Diversity
    We will review our policies and practices to respect and honor the differences within a community in line with the school’s mission, vision, and diversity statements.

  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Equity
    We will review our policies and practices to guard against unfair treatment of all community members and ensure the opportunity to thrive regardless of starting positions in life.

  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Inclusion
    We will review our policies and practices to ensure that all stakeholders are represented; addressing culture, interaction and attitudes around how we engage with others; emphasizing cross-cultural competency; planned programs.

  • Systematic Reform Of Core Systems,  Policies, and Student Experience

Today, we are writing to share our progress to date in the areas of student experience and community development. We will continue to provide regular updates to the community on our commitments in this critical area of focus. 

Student Experience
Goal: Ensure an equitable experience for all Presentation students. We are committed to making our campus a safe space for all people. 

  • Work Study program was eliminated and no "hours" are required for students on financial aid

  • Restorative justice practices have been implemented surrounding existing policies, especially related to attendance and other discipline procedures 

  • A new detailed disciplinary log has been created to track and notice trends in the demographic data of students who have received discipline 

  • The usage of the StopIt App has expanded to include anonymous reporting of microaggressions, racism, or other violations of community norms 

  • The first three weeks of school were dedicated to the restorative circle process for faculty and students to promote inclusive community building, which included topics on race and racism 


Community Development
Goal: Audit and improve hiring practices and our diversity on campus; provide on-going professional development in microaggressions for faculty, staff, students, and Board members.

  • Hired an HR Director who is reviewing current recruiting/hiring practices (job ads, candidate resources, selection committee make-up) and has set goals to create a recruitment plan to encompass the development of robust, diverse applicant pools

  • 35 Students, Parents/Guardians, Alum, Faculty and Staff participated in the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge in Sept-Oct 2020, which involved daily prayers, reflections and anti-racist resources to educate and advocate

  • Monthly cohort check-ins with students to support socio-emotional well-being and reflection on current events

  • "Brave Spaces," a DEI series for parents/guardians, was created to promote education, awareness, and community

  • Familias Unidas de Pres: A Spanish-speaking affinity group for parents was created

  • Creation of an affinity space for BIPOC faculty/staff

  • Creation of an affinity space for White faculty/staff exploring anti-racism


Activities in progress include: 

  • Exploring intensive restorative justice training options for faculty/staff

  • Organizing microaggression training for Board, faculty/staff, students, parents/guardians

  • Forming a DEI-focused committee within the Parent Guild

  • Auditing existing curriculum materials for racial bias 


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Team was created in July 2019 to lead Presentation High School’s Action Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Current members include: 

  • Crystal Catalan: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Katherine Georgiev: Principal

  • Andria Bengtson: Vice Principal of Teaching and Learning

  • Krista Rentschler: Dean of Students

  • Jo-Anne Hurlston: Co-Coordinator of Student Internship Volunteer Program

  • Heath Martin: Co-Coordinator of Student Internship Volunteer Program

  • Mattie Spillane: Director of Community Engagement and Stewardship

  • Rebekah Temple: Director of Human Resources


Additional information and resources may be found here. Please contact Crystal Catalan, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with any questions.

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