Transferring schools can be intimidating. It’s hard to know if you’ve made the right decision until you’re fully immersed in the school environment. At Presentation, we make this process as easy and seamless as possible for students and their families. We want every young woman who attends our school to feel a sense of belonging as soon as they walk in the door, if not sooner. Learn about the ways we help transfer students find their place at our all-girls Catholic high school.

Getting a Fresh Start

Starting over can be hard, so we provide a variety of resources to incoming transfer students. Every transfer student has access to a team of support, which includes a Pres counselor, a Big Sister, teachers and classmates who can help them get acclimated to their new school. Students may start in January or August depending on their needs, with applications being accepted on a rolling basis. At the beginning of every semester, we host a Transfer Orientation to help transfer students find their place in our campus community.

“My decision to transfer to Presentation has genuinely been one of the best I have ever made!” Shreya Shaw, Class of ‘23, said. “I’ve been welcomed by a community of young women who are fun, curious and kind.”

Applying to Become a Panther

The application process for transfer students starts on our website and Ravenna, our Admissions Platform. These are the steps to apply as a transfer student: Complete the application for the corresponding year and semester Request your transcripts, including current semester grades and two previous years’ grades Request a letter of recommendation from a current teacher Complete an interview with the Admissions team

After your student has been accepted, our breadth of academic programs and extracurricular activities will allow them to explore their passions and discover who they are.

“High school is the time to discover what you love and to determine, through experience, what you don’t,” Paulina Planter, Class of ‘24, said. “Presentation didn’t just allow me to explore new things, it encouraged me to do so – to take risks, to accept occasional failure as a means of discovery, and to go beyond the pages of the textbook and learn by doing.”

Financial Aid Options

Every young woman deserves a great education, which is why Presentation offers financial assistance. The assistance available to transfer students is solely based on need, determined by the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Admission is need-blind, meaning the Admissions office has no knowledge of who is applying for financial aid, and the Finance Department has no access to admissions information.

Choosing a new high school is a big decision, and we’re confident that once you tour our campus, you’ll know Presentation is the right choice for you. You can request more information and schedule a tour by sending an email to

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