Presentation is challenging the stereotype that STEM is a male-dominated field. In reality, women have made and continue to make significant contributions in science, math, engineering and technology, and their numbers are increasing in these fields. Through our math and science programs, young women working toward STEM careers have plenty of female role models to look up to. Here are some of the ways that Presentation High School, an all-girls school in San Jose, supports young women in their STEM pursuits.

Academic Programs

Of the 100+ courses Presentation offers, a third of them relate to STEM. This includes a variety of STEM-specific AP courses, such as AP Biology, AP Calculus BC and AP Physics 1, that help young women excel in these areas while preparing for college. Unlike many high schools, 99% of students at Presentation take more than three years of math and science classes, with more than 50% enrolled in honors-level courses. The academic programs go beyond the classroom, with co-curricular activities both on and off campus.

Robotics Team

The school’s Robotics Team, known as FRC Team 2135 - Presentation Invasion, gives students hands-on experience in mechanical design, manufacturing, software development and marketing. Team members design, build and program robots under the guidance of professional mentors. Once the robots are built, the team goes on to compete in the annual nationwide FIRST Robotics competition. Through this club and others on campus, young women have the opportunity to learn about STEM-related careers.

Girls Who Code 

While the world needs women who like to build robots, it’s not every young woman’s dream. Some of our students are happier behind the computer, which is why we started a Girls Who Code club on our campus. This club meets twice a month for student-led research and interactive activities including coding, games, apps and more. The group also benefits from Silicon Valley tech professionals who want to see young women excel in STEM.

Women in STEM Careers (WISC)

We want to support our students in preparing for life after Presentation. Our Women in STEM Careers club offers students many resources, such as internships, research opportunities and STEM-related service projects. They can also participate in academic competitions like the National Science Bowl. 

Presentation High School, a STEM high school in San Jose, has empowered young women to become advocates and leaders for 60 years. Our inclusive community creates the perfect environment for spiritual, academic and personal development. Ready to learn why Pres might be the best fit for your aspiring leader? Call us at (408) 264-1664 or contact us online.

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