When the final bell rings on a sunny May afternoon, some students leave school until the fall. However, the opportunities to learn don't stop during summer. Presentation High School offers a variety of summer programs for children and teens. Pres students, future Pres students and members of the community gather every year at our school to continue learning through the summer. Our expansive offering of co-ed and all-girls summer programs includes academic classes, sports, theater, visual arts, dance, robotics and more. Here are all the ways our students and community can shine at Presentation in the summer.

Academic Courses

Students from Presentation and neighboring schools can take Math and Science courses over the summer for remediation and advancement. While most of the classes are strictly for high school students, some middle school students may qualify for certain ones. Middle school students who need a little extra boost before heading into high school can enroll in a non-credit pre-Algebra class.

Getting A Head Start

One of our most popular summer programs is our Student Success Skills camp for 6th - 9th grade students. Students learn academic skills like time management, study habits, navigating the school environment and communicating effectively with teachers. In addition to being set up for success as students, they learn about on-campus support systems and skills for navigating friendships in high school. At Pres Preview Week, incoming freshmen are immersed in Presentation programs and shown what our school has to offer.
Starting this year, elementary school students will be included in the mix. We’re partnering with Catholic elementary schools to offer sports and dance camps in the mornings and enrichment camps in the afternoons. Students can sign up for morning camps, afternoon camps or both!

Social Activities

At Presentation High School summer camps, students of all ages have the opportunity to intermingle during scheduled breaks. During this shared break time, students can participate in a variety of activities. Students can participate in theme days, competitions and games to stay active during breaks from camp. Lunch and snacks are offered at these times, giving students plenty of incentive to come together between activities.

Leadership Experience

We provide our students with plenty of opportunities to learn and test their leadership skills, and that doesn’t stop in the summer. Theater and dance students help put together the Theater Camp for students their own age and younger. Students from different programs contribute to Presentation Preview Week by sharing about their own experiences at Pres. This year, Pres students will also help run the elementary school-aged camps alongside the adult camp counselors.

Meaningful Summer Programs for All

Marie Lopez, who serves as the learning specialist during the school year and as principal during the summer, says there are two main goals for the summer programs:
“First, we want to serve our own students who need additional classes and who want to advance. Secondly, we are excited to welcome outside students of all ages to take advantage of the great programs Pres has to offer,” Lopez said.
Every program offered is meant to reflect the Presentation experience. In the future, Lopez hopes to get students more involved in the planning process and camp leadership, as well as continuing to offer summer programs that are meaningful for the school’s students and the community.
Each camp shows a different side of Pres. The Theater Camp is a preview of the school’s theater program, and the sports programs are a preview of the ones available on campus. Theater and dance camps are run by the school’s award-winning program managers. Teachers run Student Success Skills classes which correspond with the subjects they teach. This helps bring the whole experience together. If you want to see how your student can shine at Pres this summer and beyond, give us a call at (669) 356-1142 or see our course offerings at SummerAtPres.com.
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