Through a variety of athletics programs, Presentation encourages student-athletes to become the best versions of themselves. Players range from young women with collegiate aspirations to students who want to be part of a sport they love during their time in high school. Student-athletes at Presentation have all the pride and passion necessary to compete at the highest level, and they don’t forget to have fun in the process. Here are some of the core ways our athletics programs empower students to pursue their personal goals. 

Competitive But Accessible Programs

The Presentation Panthers compete at a high level every year, and we’re proud of their ongoing success. However, there’s another aspect of our athletics program that’s just as remarkable: the accessibility. Presentation offers 12 athletics programs, so students can pursue a variety of athletic interests, and almost half of them play at least one sport. These students have the opportunity to embark on a personal growth journey that prepares them for life after high school.

Training Ground for Life

Athletes play to win, but it’s unrealistic to expect a win in every scenario. Failure is inevitable in sports. Students don’t always make the team, their teams don’t always win, and constructive criticism can be difficult to hear. Participating in sports helps players build resilience over time. As the team shares both wins and losses, athletes gain experience and the confidence required to keep going. 

To succeed in sports, teams need strong captains. Every season, Athletic Director Mike West meets with all the school’s team captains to help them become better leaders and learn how the school can support their growth. When looking for leaders in any sport, West emphasizes the importance of dedication to the game and genuine support for their teammates.

“Our best leaders are unquestionably committed but also highly empathetic in their approach to their peers. They’re fearless in their willingness to take on leadership and promote challenging conversations,” West said.

Joyful and Friendly Competition

Student-athletes who compete at high levels in high school often face a great deal of pressure. Playing sports at an all-girls Catholic school allows Presentation students to balance the spiritual, academic and athletic aspects of their lives. Without the dynamic students experience in coed schools, these young women are more open with each other, which results in a collaborative environment. Unlike some athletics programs, which tend to be over-professionalized and hyper focused on getting the win, the ones at Presentation allow students to revel in the joy of playing sports with their peers. 

“The hope is that they have fun, they make lifelong friends, and they learn a lot about themselves over the course of the season and their careers,” West said.

Building a Strong School Community

Community participation comes in many forms. Presentation students can pursue a variety of interests, from sports teams and student government to leadership development courses. Student-athletes also tend to be involved in other ways, which helps build a strong campus community. The Community Involvement Program and charity drives throughout the school year, which many student-athletes participate in, encourage students to help those less fortunate. One organization the school supports is the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (BAWSI), a free afterschool sports program for girls in underserved communities in the Bay Area. Along with existing initiatives, the staff at Presentation actively encourage students to bring their own ideas for community involvement to the table.

Encouragement from School Staff

As the school’s athletic director, West’s role is all about partnerships. He manages all aspects of the athletics experience at a school in partnership with staff and colleagues at the school, in partnership with students and coaches who make up the day-to-day experience, and in partnership with the families that are part of the community. West, whose decision to pursue a career in athletics administration was inspired by his own high school athletics experience, works to create an environment in which all student athletes feel empowered to pursue their passions, both on and off the field. 

Sports teach students the value of collaboration, competition and compassion, and West hopes to instill these values in young women participating in athletics at all levels at Presentation. This tight-knit community of students has shown time and time again that they’re up for the challenge. Presentation, a Catholic college-prep high school in San Jose, encourages and empowers all students to be the best versions of themselves. Call us at (408) 264-1664 or contact us online to learn more.

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