The high school years are an essential time for students. During this time, they need to acquire the skills necessary to become productive members of society and learn about who they are as individuals. It’s been shown that attending a school with a low student-teacher ratio makes students more open to actively participating in the classroom, instilling confidence that empowers them to achieve their goals. Presentation High School has found having a smaller student body leads to better student outcomes overall. Read on to learn about how. 

Individualized Instruction

Teachers at small schools benefit from not having to split their focus between too many students in each class. Each student receives the attention and guidance they need, leading to higher academic achievement. Teachers have the time to build relationships with each student and honor their individual perspectives, identities and backgrounds. At a college preparatory school like Presentation, this leads to higher rates of college admission. Having a 12:1 student-faculty ratio is one factor that has allowed the school to reach a 100% college acceptance rate. 

Unique Opportunities

Students who attend smaller schools have greater opportunities to explore their passions. With fewer students, there’s less competition to make it onto athletics teams, but the teams themselves are more focused and competitive. There are also fewer students vying to join each program, club and competition, which means every student who wants to participate in extracurricular activities can have that opportunity. Each student is empowered to craft their own school experience, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Support and Counseling

Even in a small high school, students will encounter challenges along their journey. Presentation has strong student support services and wellness programming. During academic and mental health counseling sessions at Presentation, students are able to address any questions or concerns they may have. Students at all grade levels attend wellness workshops to help them handle the most common problems young women face. This counseling goes beyond social-emotional wellness. Presentation students have a college counselor assigned to them to support them for life after high school. 

Leadership Experience

Another benefit of having fewer students is that each student has an increased chance of gaining leadership experience during their time in school. Some schools, like Presentation, have leadership programs where students can join to learn these valuable skills and put them into practice. These opportunities also exist within student organizations, athletic teams and in the classroom. Any student who wants to learn and practice leadership skills can when they attend a smaller school. 

At Presentation, we use our position as a small school to offer personalized student experiences that empower young women to achieve higher, learn to be leaders and express themselves as individuals during their high school years. In a small school environment, every student has more room to grow. Want to know why Presentation might be the best private high school for your student? Give us a call at (408) 264-1664.

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