SAN JOSE, CA – In a groundbreaking collaboration, students from Presentation High School have partnered with the Bellarmine Student Advocacy Club to champion a public policy initiative aimed at addressing mental health concerns among youth. The students’ extensive research has been submitted to Senator Dave Cortese's office for potential inclusion in forthcoming legislative measures; students are expected to play a pivotal role in refining and presenting the proposed bill this spring.

Under the guidance of former state legislator Nora Campos, students from both Bellarmine and Presentation identified and researched critical areas of mental health affecting their peers and the broader community, ranging from the impact of wellness centers to statewide youth screening for early intervention. Campos offered the students a framework, inviting their initiative and creativity to shape the direction and outcome of their contribution to the bill. Students will be involved in reviewing the bill and hope to testify before the legislative committee in the State Senate and Assembly.

"I hope the bill will raise awareness for mental health at a younger age,” says Presentation student Isabella Marquez ‘24. “Mental health issues can start at any age, and it is important to address the issues as soon as possible.” Marquez is a student leader in Presentation’s Bring Change 2 Mind club and worked on the statistics aspect of the public policy initiative research. 

Presentation High School has trailblazed the implementation of wellness center support with its own on-campus Wellness Center, which was established right after the COVID-19 lockdown. Presentation’s Wellness Center offers a phone-free, screen-free, and homework-free environment. It serves as a dedicated space where students can immerse themselves in activities that foster self-care, self-awareness, and reflection, providing a sanctuary for those facing various challenges.

“Everyone is impacted by mental health and for teens to have easily accessible wellness centers and resources will hopefully impact them in a positive way and make them feel like they’re not alone,” reflected Presentation student Gianna Conti ‘25, who explored the optimal age for the recommended statewide mental health screening. 

This collaborative effort spearheaded by young women at Presentation marks a significant stride in addressing the mental health crisis and combating stigma, bringing to life the school’s value that to do well, students must first be well.

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