Written by Inaaya F. ‘26

Student wellness is essential for student success. A successful student isn’t simply one who excels at athletics or academics. A successful student has healthy habits and a healthy state of mind, otherwise known as mental wellness. But what exactly is student wellness? Student wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes so that instead of just surviving, students can thrive.


Student wellness is extremely crucial, as it allows students to have better social integration, improved behavior, and increased resilience. When students are healthy mentally and physically, they tend to progress more in all other aspects of their lives. Most importantly, students who prioritize their wellness tend to be happier, which is what all parents and teachers wish for their students. Additionally, low levels of well-being and associated mental health problems can have adverse consequences for the physical health and development of the young, according to an Oxford University Study. Presentation High School ensures that students are provided with endless opportunities to improve and maintain their wellness.


Presentation has implemented many student-led activities, themed weeks, wellness clubs and a Wellness Center to ensure students have a way to relieve stress and focus on their health. The Wellness Center is a quiet room with stress-relieving fidget toys, projects and more for students who feel overwhelmed and need a break from the outside world. Furthermore, counselors are available to students if they ever need someone to talk to. When asked how Presentation supports their mental health, a student responded by saying:

“I love being part of the Bring Change 2 Mind Club. Their meetings always teach us how to take care of ourselves and they include activities like coloring pages, which allows us to rest.” —Raina ‘26

Presentation Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) Club is one of more than 100 student-led BC2M clubs nationwide. This club empowers students to share their voices and raise awareness about mental health. Students have a safe space to discuss any problems they may be dealing with, and they develop skills to combat these issues.

Our various clubs and Associated Student Body (ASB) continually host activities to celebrate wellness, our diverse community, and Presentation spirit throughout the year, including events such as Smash Out Stress Week and Flextime Fun. Another student shared:

“The frequent activities during Flex always help me relax. Sometimes we get donuts, sometimes we get to doodle with chalk, and our Spirit Weeks always help me clear my mind of homework and just embrace school spirit.” —Charlotte ‘26

Class-Level Workshops

Another program at Presentation to enhance student wellness is our Class-Level Wellness Workshops Program. Freshman and Sophomore class levels attend four mandatory workshops throughout the year, and Juniors and Seniors complete two workshops per year. Each workshop tackles different topics relevant to each grade level. Past topics have included time management, digital wellness, decision-making and goal-setting.

Presentation is committed to the well-being of our students, and our abundant programs, activities and clubs are proof of that. Moreover, our student wellness programs emphasize practice and patience to help students learn to prioritize their well-being and manage their busy lives.

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