Pres Junior Featured on NBC for her Creative Way of Giving Back

Pres Junior, Shrobana Sengupta, was featured on NBC Bay Area last night for her ingenuity and delicious macarons that are helping her give back to a local charity in a big way.

For Mother's Day this year, Shrobana Sengupta got ambitious about a gift for her mom. Sheltering at home had given Shrobana a lot of time on her hands and she decided to try her hand at making macarons.

She says the first batch turned out surprisingly good. It gave Shrobana the confidence to try it again. And again. And again.

She got so good, word spread among her family and friends and people started asking Shrobana to bake macarons for them. And they were willing to pay.

Shrobana, who has always tried to help out local charities, decided this would be a great way to raise money for them. So far this year, she has raised money for a number of charities but lately has focused on one: Sunday Friends.

The long-time South Bay non-profit provides a variety of services for low income families. Shrobana has teamed with Sunday Friends to raise $15,000 to purchase 50 laptops for remote learners whose families don't own computers.

To learn more about Shrobana's macarons and her fundraising:

Thank you for serving our community, Shrobana! Not Words, But Deeds!