Presentation Senior, Citlalli Bejarano, Co-Authors Manuscript for the Harvard Educational Review

San Jose, CA -- Citlalli Bejarano, a Presentation Senior (‘21), is featured in this years’ Summer 2020 special Summer Edition of the Harvard Educational Review: Volume 90, Issue 2.
Citlalli was invited to co-author a manuscript entitled “A Call for Intersectionality in US Schooling: Testimonios of Chicana Students in High School” in November of last year. She and one other Chicana student share various forms of inclusion and exclusion that they experience as Chicanas attending private and public high schools in California. The article highlights a need for schooling experiences that acknowledge the intersectional identities of Chicana students, foster critical consciousness, and provide the opportunity for students to contribute to their education and the world.
In her testimonial, Citlalli describes her experiences growing up in an urban city, “Unfortunately, depending on their identities and contexts, students all across the US face inequality in the classroom...I am reminded often that we all experience a different education, even within the same classroom,” she said.

Citlalli is interested in pursuing a college degree in political science and aims to address social injustices in marginalized communities. “When I grow up, I want to become a politician who can fight to improve education quality in places that need it. I don’t want children to be forced to turn away from their dreams and aspirations because of the zip code where they happen to live.”
Congratulations, Citlalli!


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