Presentation Senior Recognized for 3D Printing Testing Methods on Various Materials

San Jose, CA -- Presentation Senior (‘21), Caitlin Gorin, is featured in ASTM International News for pushing the way forward for new ASTM testing methods regarding different 3D printing material properties; including tensile, flexure, compression, and shear.

Caitlin’s father (a systems integration engineer) once brought home a 3D printer that he borrowed and that is where Caitlin became interested in 3D printing and its physical properties. 

“At home, we now have a Lulzbot Taz 5. I love how 3D printing has become an effective tool for replacing parts of anything,” Caitlin said.

During high school, Caitlin used ASTM International standards to help design and build her own miniature UTM with a dual-drive system. This machine was able to run tests for other standards beyond plastic tensile strength. With this new test method, Caitlin hopes that it might someday become an ASTM International standard.

Just this Spring, Caitlin placed 1st in the RRI Physical Science and Engineering Category at the virtual Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship for developing a test procedure for layer adhesion strength of FDM 3D printed plastics. She also received a Certificate of Achievement from ASM Materials Education Foundation and Ribbon. 

Also in 2018, Caitlin received an Honorable Mention and placed 2nd for her project “A Testing Device to Determine Which Type of 3D Printed Plastic is the Strongest in Terms of Compression and Flexure” from the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships.

Caitlin continues to compete in various science fairs and events. We look forward to seeing what great things she will accomplish within STEM in the near future.

You can read Caitlin’s full interview with ASTM International at:
ASTM International News Article

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