Board of Trustees

The Sisters of the Presentation who comprise the Board of Directors delegate some of their powers in the area of policy-making and review to the Board of Trustees. In addition to attending monthly meetings of the entire board, Board of Trustees members also serve on one of five subcommittees: Building, Finance, Mission Advancement, Advancement and Technology. They bring unique expertise and provide valuable counsel to the Presentation High School administration.

Meet the Board

Board of Trustees

Mari Alba
Lisa Allen
Dave Anderson
Linda Antonopoulos

Maria Baron '76 Cannon
Gail Cirone
Fred Crary
Dan D'ali
Bill Frederick
Gary Giannini
Bill Heil
Bob Hencken
John Hoffman

Beth Keifer '69
David LaVelle
Dave Lipscomb
Fred Maguire
Kirk McKim
Becky Menne
Paula Myers
Judy Nadler
Marc Parkinson
Beth Gutto '99 Rhodes
Brian Walsh
Lissa Whelan

Associate Members

Manuel Alba
Neil Fanoe
Ernie Giachetti
Sue James

Claire Martell
Donna Teresi
Richard Zahner

Ex-Oficio Members

Lisa Brunolli
Tim Case
Linda Doolin
Sharon Drake
Katherine Georgiev

Kristin Cooke '90 Schneider
Alice Dewhirst '78 Ursano
Linda Doolin

Board of Directors

Sister Pam Chiesa, PBVM, Chair
Rosina Conrotto, PBVM
Katie Fanoe '83 Jaeb
Sister Michele Anne Murphy, PBVM
Jon Yap