Dear Presentation Family,

It is my great honor to be the next President of Presentation High School.

Presentation’s unique mission spoke to my heart and called me to this role. At this critical moment for women around the world, an all-girls education is more important than ever. I take seriously the responsibility to empower our remarkable graduates to live our Catholic values, work for peace and justice, and seek solutions to the critical challenges facing the world today. I look forward to partnering with each of you in this exciting work.

The comprehensive search process provided me the opportunity to get to know the Pres family from the inside out. Whether it was talking with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents or trustees, the genuine love for the school and passion for the educational experience was contagious. It was exciting for me to imagine joining a community where everyone has chosen to be a part of a distinct educational model and understands its mission and purpose so clearly.

Through my journey, I have fallen in love with Nano Nagle’s story and experienced a true conversion of heart around the value and importance of an all-girls education -- not only for our students but for society as a whole. Our world is aching for more women in leadership across all industries, and Presentation has an important role to play in that effort.

In this new role, I have been charged by the Board of Directors to shape a transformational vision that drives forward our mission and the ambitious campus master plan. From my experience, I know firsthand that this work is most successful when done in true collaboration with the extended community. I look forward to working with everyone in the Pres family to create a future that builds on our shared values, rich traditions and the legacy of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters.

To ensure the best possible outcome of this work, I need to truly know the community and hear your stories and experiences with Pres. I recognize that the bonds amongst the Pres family have been tested by allegations of past misconduct by employees and school leaders. I plan to work in partnership with the leadership team and the Board of Directors to do everything in my power to mend the fractures in the community so that we can move forward together. I believe that work begins by making sure that we've done everything we can to understand what happened in the past so that we can prevent it from happening again. I am pleased with the current leadership’s work to protect the safety and dignity of every student in our care, and I am also encouraged that everyone I’ve met through this process has expressed an ambition to get it right - no one has expressed a sense of complacency.

This is a defining moment of great opportunity for Presentation High School, and I look forward to the exciting work ahead. When I look at Presentation, I see a bright future. I see passionate faculty and staff, incredibly talented students, invested parents and proud alumnae, inspiring academic and co-curricular programs and an unparalleled commitment to financial aid. All of this is wrapped in Nano Nagle’s inspirational call to action and service and balanced with our Catholic faith and values.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to search committee chair Jon Yap, principal Katherine Georgiev and Board of Directors Chair Sister Pam Chiesa, their efforts in this process on behalf of Presentation were an incredible act of love and dedication. I would also like to express my appreciation to the administration, employees, students, alumnae, parents, and trustees for the warm welcome I received during my visit. Your hospitality and love for Presentation were very impactful in this process.

I will formally start on July 1. Please stop by campus and say hello.

Go Panthers!

Holly Elkins