Graduation Outcomes

A Presentation Graduate Is:

A Woman of Faith
  • She demonstrates ethical decision-making consistent with the Gospel.
  • She lives the Gospel message through community service.
  • She recognizes the value of being part of a faith-filled community which holds prayer and Eucharist at its center.
  • She understands, respects and articulates the contemporary and historical relevance and perspective of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • She recognizes that faith development is an essential part of becoming a fully integrated human being.

Intellectually Competent

  • She thinks critically and rationally.
  • She utilizes and applies study skills that will enable her to succeed personally, academically and professionally.
  • She demonstrates intellectual curiosity.
  • She has mastered academic subjects required for college entrance.
  • She reads, writes and speaks articulately and effectively.
  • She pursues mastery of a second language.
  • She transfers and applies information learned in one discipline to another.
  • She uses technology responsibly to access and evaluate information, analyze and solve problems, and communicate ideas.
Dedicated to Working with Others
  • She demonstrates active and informed citizenship in local and global communities.
  • She is a steward of the environment.
  • She works collaboratively and resolves conflicts respectfully.
  • She demonstrates respect for human diversity and the dignity of human beings.
  • She communicates respectfully and appropriately with others.
  • She employs the motto, "Not Words, But Deeds" as a model for leadership
Committed to Personal Growth
  • She recognizes, articulates and takes responsibility for her intellectual, psychological and spiritual self.
  • She exhibits appropriate social skills.
  • She appreciates the value of hard work and high standards.
  • She recognizes the inherent value of creativity and the arts.
  • She acknowledges the personal and social consequences of behavior.
  • She recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a positive self-image.
  • She formulates and articulates her opinions based on facts and personal values.
  • She demonstrates a feeling of empowerment and takes pride in being a woman.