Graduation Outcomes

Guided by our school motto, “Not Words, But Deeds,” Presentation Graduates are:

Women of Faith
  • She values faith as part of being a whole, balanced human being.

  • She nurtures her relationship with God and her spiritual life through personal and communal prayer experiences.

  • She understands the core teachings of Catholicism and considers them when making decisions.

  • She recognizes the dignity of all people, created in the image and likeness of God.

  • She lives the Gospel through community service, informed citizenship, advocacy, and care for creation. 

Women of Intellect

  • She is an empowered learner who uses self-reflection to ensure her success personally, academically, and professionally.

  • She is intellectually curious, seeks truth and authenticity, and critically evaluates information.

  • She is an analytical thinker who breaks down problems, recognizes patterns, and identifies relevant information.

  • She is a problem solver who uses design thinking to create new, useful, and imaginative solutions.

  • She is an effective and creative communicator of complex ideas in written, verbal, and artistic forms.  

Dedicated to Working with Others
  • She respects, appreciates, and celebrates cultural diversity.

  • She understands her own impact and applies intercultural communication skills in her relationships with others.

  • She works collaboratively, values teamwork, resolves conflicts respectfully, 

  • She identifies systemic injustices and uses her power to advocate for change.

  • She serves as a fearless and faithful leader for the common good.

Committed to Personal Growth
  • She demonstrates a growth mindset and takes responsibility for her intellectual, physical, psychological, and spiritual self.

  • She recognizes the importance of and treats others with empathy, respect, and care. 

  • She is empowered and acts as an ally and advocate for women. 

  • She recognizes the importance of wellness and balance and practices self-care.