Presentation High School is a secondary school for young women whose purpose and direction flow from the teaching mission of the Catholic Church and the educational ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation. This school strives to infuse the entire educational experience with the vision of life found in the Gospels. Each student is challenged to become a woman of faith, dedicated to working with others, intellectually competent and committed to her personal growth.

Family Partnership

Presentation works in partnership with the family, which is the primary educator. As partners in faith, Presentation works with the family in the spiritual and intellectual development of its students.

What We Believe

Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God.

Rooted in the belief that every human being is made in the image and likeness of God, we commit ourselves to developing the whole person--her spiritual, emotional, aesthetic, psychological and physical powers.

Faith is a gift from God that must be nurtured.

At Presentation, we believe faith is a gift from God that must be nurtured. Gospel values are best taught and lived in a community of faith.

The role of education is to empower young women.

Presentation High School is committed to empowering young women to make responsible decisions and allowing them to find and develop their own unique voices that will allow them to assume their full stature in today's society.

Students and faculty must embody the motto "Not Words, But Deeds."

At Presentation, "Not Words, but Deeds" is not just a motto. Rather, it is a heartfelt mission statement, lived out and ingrained in our culture on a daily basis. We believe our school must be an active institution for peace and justice in the greater community.