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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Action Plan
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Action Plan

Thank you for your feedback and participation in our community listening sessions this week. Your feedback and experiences have helped shape our action plan and commitments to our community. As we shared in our previous communication, we will enact long-term systemic change at Presentation High School to ensure an inclusive community where every member feels heard, valued, and welcome.

As a Catholic community, we believe that all persons have inherent dignity and are made in the image and likeness of God. Perhaps one of our students said it best, "it's not enough to think racism is wrong, to make meaningful change you must be anti-racist." We are called by our mission to be anti-racist and we are committed to this work long-term. We need you, our community, to join us and we will continue to provide opportunities for you to engage as we move forward.

Today we announce the following school-wide commitments to our community:

  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Diversity
    We will review our policies and practices to respect and honor the differences within a community in line with the school's mission, vision, and diversity statements.
  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Equity
    We will review our policies and practices to guard against unfair treatment of all community members and ensure the opportunity to thrive regardless of starting positions in life.
  • A Demonstrated Commitment To Inclusion
    We will review our policies and practices to ensure that all stakeholders are represented; addressing culture, interaction and attitudes around how we engage with others; emphasizing cross-cultural competency; planned programs.
  • Systematic Reform Of Core Systems, Policies, and Student Experience

Work Study Program Replaced with Student Internship Opportunities for All
One area that was brought up several times in direct feedback and through our listening sessions was concern about student equity in the Work Study Program. As of today, we have eliminated the Work Study Program that was exclusive to students on financial aid and replaced it with a Student Internship Program for all interested students. The internship program will offer meaningful work experiences and help fulfill service hour requirements for student groups (i.e. National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, financial aid recipients, etc.). Internships will not require students to serve at events or do menial tasks on campus. Stay tuned for more information on our Internship Program.

If you have feedback or would like to help us in our efforts, please send us your thoughts using our feedback form. We look forward to continuing this important conversation and are eager to get started.