Student Safety & Well Being

At Presentation, we help create intellectually competent women of faith who are dedicated to working with others and committed to personal growth. We empower young women and want to do everything we can to ensure our school is a safe and nurturing learning environment where students can thrive. Our students' education and well-being are our number one priority.

External Investigation

In September 2019,  Presentation High School launched a thorough and impartial investigation into past reports of sexual abuse and misconduct and the handling of such allegations throughout the history of the school. Read the Sept 26, 2019 community announcement here. This process stemmed from upsetting stories about past reports of sexual abuse and misconduct.

On July 9, 2020 we shared the investigation report with the community. We know that the findings are difficult to read and to digest, however, this investigation was necessary to examine our past to build and maintain a safe and thriving environment for all students past, present, and future, and to ensure we do not repeat any mistakes.

To the survivors of abuse, we deeply and sincerely apologize.  The stark truth is that our school did not live up to its commitment to protect you. We added further harm when we responded defensively when reports of past abuse began to surface in 2017.  We understand that words cannot measure our regret or erase the harm that you endured.  You were hurt, and we can only hope to make amends by caring for you now and doing everything within our power to ensure that students now and in the future will be cared for and safe. 

We thank everyone who participated in the investigation and are grateful for your bravery and honesty. Without you, we would not be able to confront our past to ensure this does not happen again.  We also recognize this investigation may not have revealed all instances of prior misconduct.  Anyone with information about inappropriate conduct may contact Holly directly at, call the hotline at (800) 490-7513, or reach out to Mary Ann Demos, Senior Case Manager at

July 9th Community Letter

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Policies for the Protection of Students

The policies in the Student/Parent and Faculty/Staff Handbooks are in place to ensure Presentation employs best practices in its education and empowerment of young women in an open, safe, and supportive community. The policies are evaluated and revised annually. The following represents policies centered on the protection of students, which will be represented in handbooks for students, parents, faculty and staff in Fall 2020.

Student Policies

Employee Policies

Title IX


Chérie Somavia,
Director of the Office for the Prevention of  Bullying, Harassment & Abuse
Title IX Coordinator