Principal Search




The process ​of​ identifying Pres​entation's​ next ​principal will be inclusive, thoughtful and thorough, guided by our unique all-girls, Catholic mission, vision and values, and informed by input from a broad cross-section of the community. We are forming a search committee to guide the process and we have retained Carney, Sandoe and Associates (CS&A) to partner with us in this national search to find the most qualified and diverse slate of candidates as possible. Our CS&A team knows our school and understands our unique mission well, as they were also our partner for the President search. 

As we work to finalize plans for the selection of our next Principal, we will keep you informed of key developments along the way. Throughout the process, we will balance the desire for transparency with the need for confidentiality inherent in any high-level search, and we appreciate your understanding in this regard. Please stay tuned for periodic updates. 


P​resentation​ employs a President​/​Principal leadership model. In this powerful model, executive functions are elegantly aligned around two distinct leadership profiles: the outward-facing entrepreneur and institution-builder (President​,​) and the inward-facing academician and champion of teaching, learning, student experience and wellness (Principal​.​) 

When done right, this collaborative model allows the President and her team to focus on external affairs and business aspects of the school including fundraising, financial management, HR, facilities and tech operations, along with long-term strategic planning. ​With these large initiatives ​cared for, it allows the Principal to focus on the two critical groups that make a school a school: teachers and students. The Principal reports to the President and as such, the President has indirect responsibility for the overall educational program and student experience.


Presentation is initiating our principal search this year. Presentation's​ new principal ​​must have a strong student-first perspective and a deliberate and intentional commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This perspective also includes thoughtful care and empathy for teachers​ to support them to help students succeed.

An ideal candidate​ for this position​ will actively express the Catholic faith in their personal life and in our community, fully integrating the Presentation High School​ charism across all student programs, in collaboration with all community members.


Read Our Principal Position Paper

This in-depth position paper describes Presentation’s vision and priorities for our new Principal.

Community Survey

Community input is integral to the search process. ​We thank those who participated in the CS&A survey to share their perspective on critical qualities or characteristics the principal should have, and areas of focus that are most important to our school mission.

We are grateful for your involvement and the survey results will be presented to the search committee as part of the candidate assessment criteria.


Presentation Launches Search

The position will be nationally publicized by Carney Sandoe and Associates and to the extended school community.

Applications Accepted

Candidates will submit their resume, cover letter and additional materials directly to Carney Sandoe and Associates.

Semi-Finalists Identified and Interviewed

Using criteria gathered from our Community Survey, the Search Committee will review applicants, interview prospective candidates, and narrow the finalists.

Search Committee Selects Finalists to Interview

Finalists will be interviewed and visit campus.

New Principal is Hired

The President will make the hiring decision on the selected candidate. 

New Principal Begins

The new Principal will begin July 2022.

Search Committee

Stacey Teague '85 Stebbins P'21

  • Committee Chair
  • Vice Principal of Student Affairs
  • Alumna
  • Alumna Parent

Mary Clare Bernal ‘10

  • Faculty Member
  • Alumna

Eric Buell

  • Director of Catholic Identity

Crystal Catalan

  • Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion​

Sean Donoho

  • Faculty Member

Dawn ​Guerreiro '90 McCale P'18

  • Board Member
  • Alumna
  • Alumnae Parent

Cara Pryor ​'02

  • Board Member
  • Alumna

Lindsay Velez

  • Director of Admissions


*P'XX is an indication of a Presentation parent and displays the corresponding year that their daughter(s) graduated.

Recent Announcements

Search Committee Members
  • Stacey​ Teague '85 Stebbins P'21, Committee Chair 
  • Mary Cla​r​e​ Bernal ‘10
  • Eric​ Buel​l
  • Crystal​ Catalan
  • Sean​ Donoho
  • Dawn ​Guerreiro '90 McCale P'18
  • Cara Pryor ​'02 
  • Lindsay ​Velez