Presentation is proud of its longtime traditions, many of which date back to the school's founding in 1962.

Class Level Celebrations

Class Day

A finale to their four years at Presentation, the seniors assemble for a Mass and, later, a spirit rally in their honor. The day includes the installation of officers, conferring of awards, presentation of the Spirit Trophy and the Senior Farewell.

Junior Ring

Members of the junior class are presented with their class rings in a beautiful liturgy attended by their families.

Senior Dinner

During this end-of-the-year dinner for seniors and their parents, students take a walk down memory lane as a slideshow of photographs chronicles their four years at Presentation. (May)



Every other year, confirmation is offered for juniors and seniors who feel they are ready to receive this Catholic sacrament. Click here for more information. (Spring)


The entire student body, regardless of faith tradition, gathers regularly throughout the year to celebrate the spirit of community and prayer at liturgies and prayer services, which are held in the school gym. For more information about faith life at Pres, click here.

May Day

During this beautiful springtime ceremony, we honor our patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our student body. (May)

Giving Back

Holiday Drives

Students spend five weeks collecting money, food and toys for Sacred Heart Community Service. To learn more about our holiday drives at Pres, click here. (November-December)

Mission Drive

Class levels coordinate bake sales, craft fairs and other activities to raise money for the ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation in Nicaragua and Guatemala. To learn more about Mission Drive, click here. (Spring)

School Spirit

Hall Decorating

During Spirit Week, class levels decorate sections of the main hallway in keeping with a theme chosen by ASB.

Magazine Drive

This school fundraiser, which generates an incredible amount of enthusiasm, is a major part of the annual spirit competition between class levels. Class levels perform skits and dance routines in front of the student body, kicking off two weeks of selling magazine subscriptions.

Panther Pandemonium (Pan Pan)

Part spirit rally, part relay race and part dance-off, Panther Pandemonium is an exuberant class level competition. (Spring)

Spirit Week

Each day during Spirit Week, students compete to earn spirit points for their class levels. The week includes themed dress-up days and lunchtime spirit competitions as well as Panther Pandemonium and Hall Decorating.

Spirit Trophy

Class levels compete throughout the year for this prize, earning points for participation during events throughout the year.

Special Events

Fashion Show

Members of the senior class are among the models in this spectacular production that raises money for financial aid. Student models are chosen based on participation in student activities and academics. Click here for more information about Fashion Show.

Father-Daughter Dance

During this annual event, fathers and daughters hit the dance floor for a memorable evening. Other activities include lawn games and an outdoor movie. Click here for more information. (Spring)

Grandparents Day

Held every two years, this memorable afternoon is a salute to grandmas, grandpas and other special relatives in the lives of our students. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to introduce older generations to their school.

Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast

Mothers and daughters share a special liturgy at this Sunday morning Mass and brunch. For more information, click here. (Fall)

Student Activities

Big/Little Sister Program

During Freshman Orientation, new students are placed in groups led by an upper-class student leader. These "Big Sisters" help them adjust to high school life and serve as a supportive friend and confidant. Big and Little Sisters participate in four fun events during the school year that include crafts, lunch and holiday-themed activities. For more information, click here.


Lasting memories are created at semi-formal and formal dances, such as the Black and White Charity Ball and, of course, Prom. Informal dances, known as mixers, are held throughout the year as well, including a mixer at the beginning of the school year just for freshmen. Click here for more information.

Leadership Conferences

Team-building workshops in the fall and spring are planned and facilitated by ASB officers for the Student Council and other student leaders.

Talent Show

Students from all class levels audition for the opportunity to perform in front of the school community. Acts include singing, dancing, comedy, musical instrument performances and more!