Non-Department Courses


Computer Applications

Grade: 9
Credits: 5

Students will learn how to touch-type the alphabetic/numeric keyboard and the numeric keypad with 90% accuracy on a one-minute timed test.

At the completion of this course, students will be able to format research reports and tables in Google Docs; create spreadsheets, graphs and charts in Google Sheets; design academic presentations in Google Slides; understand the concepts of digital literacy and safety; and use advanced research techniques on the internet.

Additionally, students will learn the functions of digital photography, basic photo editing in Pixlr, sound editing in Audacity and simple video editing using iMovie. Web site creation will be taught using HTML and Google Sites.

Speech and Debate

Rhetoric I

Grades: 9-12
Credits: 5

Rhetoric I Eligibility: Students in any grade level may take this course. Students who have completed a full year or more of high school speech and debate competition are now allowed to take this course and should instead enroll in Rhetoric II.

Course Description: This semester-long course is an introduction to public speaking and argumentation. Students will be exposed to various written and oral techniques of persuasion, argumentation, exposition, discussion, and analysis of controversial current issues. Students will further develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and learn how to research, analyze and organize materials for effective oral presentation and argument.

There will be a heavy emphasis on research and persuasion as well as elements of writing well. Students will be required to deliver speeches in interesting and creative methods.

Competitive opportunities will be available to students, but will not be required. Students will be responsible for creating both a Speech presentation and engaging in multiple debate simulations in class.

Rhetoric II

Grades: 10-12
Credits: 5

Prerequisite: Completion of Rhetoric I. Students who have a full year of speech and debate experience may also enroll in this course.

Course Description: This one-semester, elective course builds upon the Rhetoric I class. This is an advanced course in public speaking and argumentation that challenges students to build upon their critical thinking skills by analyzing language, philosophy, and politics. Students will learn to synthesize information, confront differing and nontraditional argumentation and advocacies, and will be able to employ these skills for effective oral communication and advocacy. Students will be required to deliver speeches in interesting and creative methods. Competitive opportunities will be available to students, but will not be required.

Independent Study

Independent Study Program

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
Credits: 1-5
This study is beyond the scope of the regular structured curriculum. Teachers must propose an area of independent study in the specific discipline. Each proposal will be reviewed by the department and the Vice Principal of Academics. Individual approval will be granted for each proposal outlining the scope and requirements of each study and setting limits for the amount of credited granted. A copy of the proposal will be filed with the Curriculum Coordinator and credit approved upon completion of requirements. Grades will be granted as pass or fail. (Independent Study may not be used for classes currently offered in the curriculum.)


Brandon Garrett

Heath Martin

Adrienne Renner
Computer Applications