Science Department

The Presentation Science Department is committed to offering a challenging academic science program as well as providing many exciting opportunities for students to explore and learn about the scientific world.

We offer a wide variety of classes ranging from Chemistry and Physics to Bioethics and AP Environmental Science. Our students also enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular science opportunities both on and off campus. Want to learn about evolution in the Galapagos Islands or research sustainable development in Costa Rica? The Presentation Science Department makes all of these ideas possible and more!

The mission of Presentation High School’s Science Department is to cultivate curious and informed young women who are poised to lead. By offering a diverse range of courses spanning biology, chemistry, physics, and more, we ignite curiosity and nurture critical thinking. Through rigorous academic pursuits, real-world connections, and an inclusive environment, we inspire our students to become confident leaders, adept problem solvers, and engaged global citizens.