Academic Monitoring

Presentation High School accepts students with a wide range of academic abilities. Some students need extra academic assistance at various points in their high school careers. The Academic Monitoring Program is designed to assist students whose grades fall below a 2.0 or who receive three or more deficiencies during any one quarter. Students are removed from the monitoring program when their grades are solidly above a 2.5 average.

Step-By-Step Process

Individual Meetings

Once added to the Academic Monitoring Program, students begin by meeting with the Academic Dean. The purpose of the this meeting is to explore at length each student's academic situation and any related personal difficulties. Motivation, encouragement, and academic monitoring are central to the relationship between the Academic Dean and the student.

Academic Planning Session

During a student's individual meeting with the dean, a plan is developed which encompasses changes in personal and academic habits, increased communication with parents, tutoring arrangements, meetings with individual teachers, and occasional recommendations for off-site professional learning assessments. Students may also be assigned to the Study Center Program during their free period or after school.

Personal Counseling

Students meet with their Personal Counselor a minimum of once per quarter while in the program.


Rosemarie Healy
Academic Dean

Kara Westbrook
Academic Support Director

Yvette Frojelin
Learning Specialist