Study Center

The Study Center at Presentation is a resource for students who need additional academic support.
The center features quiet places to study as well as space for group collaboration. Additional resources include peer tutoring and one-on-one support from our Academic Support Director.

The Study Center is open from 7:30 to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and by appointment on Friday.


What is the Study Center?

The program is designed to provide additional support for students who struggle academically. Peer Tutoring also takes place during this time.

How is a student assigned to the Study Center?

Students are assigned to the Study Center by the Academic Dean. Students assigned to the Study Center would benefit from additional academic support.

Who works with students in the Study Center?

Students work with the Academic Dean, Academic Support Director and Learning Specialist while in the Study Center. When available, the student may also receive help from a peer tutor. Students may receive a peer tutor through the Academic Support Director.


Crash Course

Crash Course is a YouTube channel that features a series of short videos that review various subjects, from world history to chemistry. John Green is an affable host who presents content in a creative format. This can be used to expand or review what a teacher shares in class.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great tool that provides online tutorials in an array of subjects. The presenters and teachers on this website create videos that explain subjects ranging from math and science to history and economics.

Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools is a fantastic website designed to aid in research paper organization. Students can create bibliographies, note cards, outlines and even draft their research paper using this site. All Presentation students may use this website for free as the school has a subscription.

Purdue Owl

The Purdue OWL, or online writing lab, is a one-stop shop when it comes to research paper aids. This website provides helpful tips on how to write a thesis statement, how to vary sentence structure, how to form arguments and support them and so on. This manual is a great supplement to writing practice in class.


Quizlet takes the tedious act of creating flashcards and turns it into an interactive studying experience. Once students create flashcards, they can test their knowledge by playing fun games. A great, cross-curriculum studying aid.


Rosemarie Healy

Rosemarie Healy is the Academic Dean. She meets with students on a regular basis to assess progress, communicate with parents and provide academic support.

Contact Information
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2444

Kara Westbrook

Kara Westbrook is the Academic Support Director in the Study Center. She provides hands-on support to students enabling them to improve their success in school. This may include matching a student with an appropriate peer tutor.

Contact Information
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2471

Yvette Frojelin

Yvette Frojelin is a Learning Specialist who consults with students who have been identified by a professional assessment.

Contact Information
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2430