Book List 2024–2025

Online bookstore will open 07/08/2024.

FREE SHIPPING will be offered July 15-29 for orders over $99.   


Presentation has partnered with BNC K-12 Services (MBS) to supply the majority of your course requirements.  This is the quickest and most complete process to purchase most of your student's print and digital items all at once.  Please visit our online bookstore hosted by BNC K-12 and powered by MBS at   When visiting the MBS site, you will need your student schedule to select all of your fall and spring courses, and all available course items will be shown for direct purchasing. 

For courses where "Materials Available from Other Source" is shown on the MBS site, your student will need to access the Presentation Book List, linked above, for further information regarding access to instructor provided materials or materials available from an alternate source.

Need help ordering?

See this step-by-step guide on how to order course materials.
See here for Instructions on Assigning Digital Content to Child Account.


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