Career Exploration Office

The Career Exploration Office is a resource for students that has two important objectives:
  • to assist students in identifying potential careers, college majors, and college choices by providing detailed career information before college choices and majors are decided.
  • to incorporate more “real world” experiences into the classroom learning process through career days, job shadowing and internships.

The CEO offers students a “Career Series” during their time at Presentation. The series includes individual and group workshops beginning with a career planning overview and concluding with a senior class one-on-one meeting “Preparing for the Real World." In addition, individual appointments can be scheduled for students to build an individual plan for the future with the CEO director.

Resources include:

  • Intro to Career Planning
  • GetInsights PAT
  • Kuder Career Profiles (3)
  • Career Directions Profile*
  • Internship Listings on PHS website
  • CEO One on One College & Career Planning
  • “Me 2020” Fast Forward Snapshot*
  • My Job Possibilities*
  • Resume Workshop**
  • My Resume*
  • Interviewing 101**
  • The Working World - Secrets to Success*

*Students may schedule an appointment with Mr. Crary for these options.
**These opportunities are conducted at Career Days or by appointment with Mr. Crary.


CEO Quick Links

Learn More

Fred Crary
Executive Director
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2905

CEO Events

For Seniors

Kuder Career Assessments
Due: Aug. 10

CEO 1-on-1 Meetings

Friday, Aug. 27-April 26

Career Day
January 25

Senior Career Workshop
TBA - During Lunch

College & Career Planning
Appointments by request

For Juniors

Kuder Career Assessments (optional)
Due: Feb. 15

Career Day
January 25

CEO 1-on-1 Meetings
Appointments by request

College Major Preview
Appointments by request

For Sophomores

Career Day
January 25

Career Options Preview
Appointments by request

CEO 1-on-1 Meetings
Appointments by request

For Freshmen

Career Day
January 25

Intro to Career Planning
Appointments by request

CEO 1-on-1 Meetings
Appointments by request

Additional Workshops

Career Day
January 25

Resume Basics
Create great resumes to get you noticed for jobs, college and beyond.

Learn how to interview for college acceptances and the real world

Career Directions Preview/Planning
Find and explore potential careers suited to your skills.

Finding Internships

Discover tools to find internships to gain experience on the job.

My College Game Plan
Develop a road map for college and the future.

Intro to Career Planning
Tools and techniques to learn about your personal strengths.

New Opportunities

The CEO program is always looking for internship and shadow day opportunities for students. Please contact Fred Crary if you are interested in helping.

Shadow Days
  • Students will visit your business for 2-3 hours to learn about careers in your field.
  • "Adopt" a Presentation student to work at your business in a paid or unpaid position.