Career Series Workshops

Group Workshops

Intro to Career Planning

Intro to Career Planning is a one-hour group workshop introducing the CEO concepts of career planning to second-semester freshmen. The workshop begins the process for students to understand why career planning is important, what role it plays in high school, college and beyond, and describes the resources available to them while at Presentation.

Online Assessments

GetInsights Personal Assessment

This online career assessment tool is available to juniors and seniors. GetInsights measures a student's personality type to project their best-suited majors and careers.

The assessment describes work and communication styles and compares the student to well-known people with similar traits.

It offers students online college and college major searches, as well as career information to help plan for the future.

Kuder Career Profile

This profile, for juniors and seniors, offers three online assessments using Holland career clusters.

It provides detailed insights into potential career options, work styles and preferences. It uses a "person match" linking students with others who chose similar responses and are currently working in actual careers.

It offers a direct link to college selection and majors suggested by profile answers.

Individual Sessions

By appointment only

Career Directions Profile

These 30-minute individual sessions, for juniors and seniors only, explore the specifics of a student's career survey feedback. Also included in the session is an initial plan to validate the student's interests, examine specific careers and actual work duties, and look for internship or shadow opportunities.

My Job Possibilities

These 30-minute individual sessions, for juniors and seniors, look at specific jobs and careers. The student is given specific information--qualifications, preparations needed and day-to-day work tasks--to help select majors and colleges that are suited to the career.

Resume Workshop

These 45-minute individual sessions, for sophomores, juniors and seniors, introduce resume preparation and its relevance to the college acceptance and interviewing processes. The sessions teach students how to find activities to build strong, results-based resumes.

My Resume

This session, for sophomores, juniors and seniors, helps students develop their first complete resumes. Students learn how resumes are screened, why resumes are integral to college and interview processes, and how to use resumes in interviews.

Interviewing 101

For juniors and seniors only, these sessions discuss interviewing techniques. Students will participate in practice interviews through role-playing dynamics that simulate college and job interviews.

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