Goals & Benefits

For Freshmen

  • Gain an understanding of what career planning is and its relevance to school classes
  • Discover how to identify personal strengths and how they relate to career interests
  • Learn the Career Series process and assessment tools at Presentation
  • Develop note-taking techniques to build a personal interest and skills journal

For Sophomores

  • Learn to identify interests and skills from co-curricular activities and Mentoring feedback
  • Discover potential career possibilities through Career Days
  • Integrate feedback tools with classroom performance to validate strengths
  • Learn the value of building a strong resume

For Juniors

  • Learn how to integrate information from CEO into the selection of college majors
  • Develop a detailed yet flexible college plan
  • Learn details of specific careers and what schools are best suited to these directions
  • Utilize and analyze college and career databases
  • Investigate opportunities to develop known skills and interests on and off-campus.

For Seniors

  • Acquire techniques to select a college and a college major
  • Develop resources to identify careers that match interests and personal style
  • Finalize a specific road map for college and beyond
  • Learn skills for college resumes, personal statements and interviewing
  • Explore career description databases to investigate potential majors and jobs

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Executive Director
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