Internships and University Programs

Below, you'll find a variety of high school internships and programs offered during the summer months. Some programs are free, while others charge tuition.

Summer Programs

Pathways Program

Presentation High School's Pathways program provides students with real-life career exploration opportunities that will help them in the college decision-making process. Pathways offers shadow days and internships in five career areas:
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business and Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction

The Pathways program is designed to encourage students to explore career choices through hands-on experiences with industry professionals before they decide on a college or major. Through this process, they can discover interests or talents that may help them identify a potential career.

Pathways is directed by Fred Crary in the Career Exploration Office. All internships throughout the year are announced to students via their school email accounts and the CEO Twitter feed. For more information about Pathways, email Fred Crary.