College Counseling

Welcome to College Counseling at Pres!

We believe the transition to college is an opportunity for spiritual, academic, and personal growth. As college counselors, our goal is to serve as advisors and advocates to celebrate the unique identities, values, perspectives, talents, and aspirations of each student.

We provide a comprehensive college advising program that empowers students to make their own decisions about college and their future. We teach students to value college fit over college placement by guiding each student in a thoughtful college search within the framework of their intellectual interests, personal strengths, and career aspirations. Our innovative and student-centered approach embraces the use of virtual resources to provide personalized advising to each student and their family.

Our team holds individual meetings, group sessions, online resources, workshops for students and hosts college representative visits, fairs, and college planning events to guide students and families through the college process.

Your College Counselors