College Counseling: Sophomores

How to Prepare for College

Standardized Testing

Some sophomores should take SAT Subject Tests in June (check with your teacher.) This is most common when a sophomore is enrolled in AP U.S. History and AP Biology II.

Schedule Meetings

Meet with your assigned counselor/mentor periodically throughout the year. Don't wait to be called in for a meeting. Take initiative. Your counselor wants to keep in touch with you about anything that is important to you. Pay attention in mentoring!

College Rep Visits at Pres

Attend information sessions with college representatives. These are listed in The Panther Report, the weekly news broadcast shown in homeroom. Schedules of visits are also posted outside the College Counseling offices. You can never get too much information about prospective colleges and/or universities and their programs. Ask your parents to go with you.

Extracurricular Activities

Get involved in activities that are meaningful for you. Those who get involved are typically more committed and energized about their entire school life.

Focus on Academics

Give your academic work your fullest attention. Ultimately, the colleges and scholarship programs will evaluate your performance at Presentation more than any other item in your background.

All class scheduling at Presentation is done with the goal of college readiness and presenting a strong transcript of classes when it is time to apply during senior year. The college counselors work with the mentors (and are mentors themselves) to assist with the scheduling. Students are encouraged to choose classes that align best with their strengths and interests. Challenging themselves as appropriate, and earning the strongest grades they are able, are what colleges are looking for.

College Visits

Visit colleges and universities whenever possible. Getting to a college campus and taking the official tour is the only way you will ever really know if a certain college/university is right for you.


Sophomore College Information Night
November 28, 2018
7:00 PM
Valenzuela Theater

Mandatory Sophomore Collaboration #1
March 25, 2019
1:15-2:00 PM

Mandatory Sophomore Collaboration #2
April 10, 2019
2:15 - 3:00 PM

Sophomore College Admissions Testing Night
April 30, 2019
7:00 PM, Valenzuela Theater