Naviance Student is a comprehensive and widely used college planning software program that will assist our students, their parents and their college counselor in different areas of the college application process.


How It Works

For Students

There are two main functions of the Naviance program: college research and college-process organization.

Students can conduct searches with different factors and filters, they are able to compare their own academic profiles (GPA and test scores) to historical data from Presentation classes dating back to 2007, and they can learn about individual colleges’ majors and admission requirements. As an organizational tool, Naviance provides a site for deadlines and updates during the application process.

For their part, the students are expected to keep their Naviance accounts updated and application statuses current.

For College Counselors

College counselors use Naviance to communicate to students, coordinate the multiple facets of the application process and submit supporting application documents on the students’ behalf.

All college visits to Presentation are listed on Naviance, as well as outside information sessions held by colleges; this listing is updated frequently. A scholarship database is also found on Naviance as well as a document library with many articles, college-related information, and forms used by Presentation in the college-application process.