Graduation Requirements

The subject requirements at Presentation High School automatically ensure that students will have fulfilled the state's requirements in specified areas upon graduation, when students earn a C- or better.

Students are encouraged to choose classes that best align with their strengths and interests. A minimum of six classes per semester is required, with a maximum of seven allowed.

Mentors work closely with college counselors to support students in the scheduling process. All class scheduling at Presentation is done with the goal of college readiness and preparing a strong transcript of classes when it is time to apply.



California Requirements

California requires 200 credits minimum for a high school diploma; any semester course that meets 200 minutes per week receives 5 credits.

Although counselors check periodically on each student's credits, students must be mindful of the requirements as each year's program is prepared.

It should be noted that 235 credits is minimum, and most students do between 235-250.

Presentation Requirements

In November 19, 2020, we shared our new graduation requirements with the community. As a result, each class level has slightly different requirements as the new changes go into effect.  See details here.