Co-Curricular Programs

Presentation offers a wide range of co-curricular programs that allow students to engage outside of the classroom. While COVID-19 has caused these programs to move online , they are still offering opportunities for students to participate in their programming.  Below are some of the ways our programs are working virtually:

  • Campus Ministry provides prayer every morning, organizes prayer services for important Catholic holidays, and continues to be available for students for emotional and spiritual guidance. Please see our beautiful May Day mass for an example.
  • Student Council continues to plan online spirit activities for our students and lead the school. Check out our Panther Pride video from our Spring Sports Rally!
  • Our swim team was one of the few teams in our league to continue online practices twice a week and team check-ins once a week.

“Switching to online learning has made me more appreciative of my academics and the efforts that my teachers put into making sure I’m constantly engaged. All of my classes this semester have adapted to the environment change smoothly, utilizing a mix of live lectures, recorded lessons, group activities, and movies to keep content interesting. Mrs. Kennedy, my Honors Physics teacher, actively works to make learning fun. Through online labs and self-made videos that show us how we can test concepts–like conduction and induction–with materials at home, she makes the interactive aspect of science evident in the virtual world.”

—Sarah Ungerer ‘20

Remote Programming