Life In Our Classrooms

Teachers continue to assess their curriculum in light of the shelter-in-place, maintaining the rigor and skillsets of the courses while keeping in mind the emotional and social well-being of our students. Below are some of the unique activities our students have been engaging in:

  • Student designed infographics in Biology focusing on their newly designed Coronavirus Unit
  • Padlet collaboration in physics, earth science, and other courses to engage students with each other
  • Live “Kahoot” activities to engage students in an interactive manner
  • Playing “human bingo” in Spanish class on Padlet
  • Swim Team workouts twice a week with a weekly team check in
  • Time-lapse videos and infographic design of student-designed workouts for Physical Education classes

“In a chaotic time like this you have to stay strong and you do that by having to adapt to the many different circumstances that are thrown at you. This is teaching me to appreciate online learning because it is keeping others from getting infected while at school, but also facilitating me in grasping new, learning skills. I am grateful for Ms. Fields class because she continues to challenge us, and she treats our limited class time like any normal school day by helping us get the most out of what we have.”

—Victoria Begg ‘23

In Our Classrooms

From a Presentation Parent, Mrs. Nawathe:

My twin girls are seniors at Presentation. After almost two months of virtual learning, we are very happy with the results. The girls have regular school hours, in-fact now they can wake up later as we save time on the commute. They can eat lunch at home with the family and have more time for homework and test prep. The homework and tests are going on smoothly as usual. In fact, with this set up, not only is their education not being compromised but they are more relaxed. They do miss their friends but they video chat with them often.