Student Support Services

College Counseling

Amidst COVID-19, college counseling continues to provide: 

  • Seamless virtual college counseling (1:1 meetings, family meetings, extended mentoring sessions)
  • Class specific College Counseling Bulletin with resources, articles, and updates regarding testing, virtual college fairs/information sessions, UC/CSU/Community College, and the college search.
  • The Advisor Quarterly Newsletter
  • Regular Zoom Meetings 

Class-Level Counseling

Class-level counselors and mentors have regular check-ins with our students and teachers to ensure students are receiving the support they need in their classes and other aspects of their lives.

  • Daily Support -- each counselor has been seeing students daily to ensure that routine semester check-ins are continued as well as providing additional support to students who are in need of regular contact with a class-level counselor. 
  • Survey of Needs -- the Counseling Department created a survey at the onset of shelter in place to identify potential students who may have required additional support and outreach and followed up accordingly. 
  • Parent Discussions -- we offered several topical discussions for our parent community to choose from.
  • Regular Newsletters were distributed to our parent, teacher, and student community with a vast list of mental health and wellness related resources.
  • The LGBTQ+ community resource list for mental health and wellness resources is featured in our student bulletin daily.
  • Through the Study Center, a continuum of services including academic support, tutoring, and study/organization tips during shelter in place has been provided on a daily basis to students. 

From a Presentation Parent:

So while everyone would rather be back at campus with their friends and teachers, while they miss everyone and the routine terribly, they are surviving and still thriving and PHS has done a fantastic job of quickly implementing virtual learning. We are grateful that they are still getting their education, that they will finish this junior year with grades and completed assignments, not having fallen behind or through a crack.  Thank you for that!!