As soon as COVID-19 struck, Presentation’s technology team sprung into action to make sure our faculty, staff, and students were prepared to go remote in the matter of days.

  • On-campus server platforms have moved to off-site cloud systems where they can be accessed by students from anywhere in the world.
  • Student-issued iPads were used to access classes and to collaborate with faculty and students.
  • For students who did not have internet at home, Presentation quickly purchased cellular iPads and worked with a carrier to get an education plan in place to allow the students to be in school all day on their devices.
  • Our ZenDesk Ticket System was updated to respond to students, staff, and offsite parents/guardians. This allowed for the tech team to respond to technology concerns faster and keep track accordingly.
  • A Presentation Education Technologist was available for faculty and students for training on new online learning platforms, as well as questions regarding resources and using tools.


“Even though this wasn’t how any of us expected the semester to turn out, all of the teachers have done a great job of helping us transition to online learning and making this situation more comfortable for us. They’ve been really understanding and kind because they know everyone is adjusting to school from home, and I really appreciate it.”

—Tulasi Nalluri ‘23