The Presentation Difference

During the sensitive years of adolescence, the self-consciousness of a teenager can bubble up, creating barriers that keep her from taking healthy risks and exploring new things.

But imagine if a teenager saw over and over again--in classrooms, on playing fields, in science labs and on stage--that there's nothing that a girl can't do. Barriers vanish. The sky's the limit.

For the past 55 years Presentation has empowered thousands of young women through education and programs, use this link to register for events and learn more. 


How Pres Stands Out

We are a school for girls.
We believe Presentation's single-sex environment instills in young women courage, confidence and a sense of self. Just think: The best calculus student at Presentation is a young woman. The top dealer and the fastest runner are young women. Clubs, student council and all leadership roles are driven by talented young women who see no limits when it comes to education and personal achievement.

Research supports--and our experience affirms--that when compared with their co-ed counterparts, girls who attend schools like Presentation:

  • Show higher academic achievement and achieve better test scores
  • Become more involved in school activities
  • Develop measurably higher levels of self-esteem
  • Earn more advanced degrees in college
  • Assume more leadership positions and are more politically active throughout their lifetimes

We are committed to academic excellence.
Presentation High School offers coursework that is second to none in getting our students into college and preparing them to be successful there. Our course offerings include upper and lower divisions of required disciplines. But we don't just stick to the basics. Classes like Women and Money, Bioethics and Sociology and Media are popular with students.

Presentation uses a block schedule, which allows for more productivity in the classroom. Classes are 80 minutes long and include lectures, activities for large and small groups, technology, board work and visual aids.

Our students consistently score well above the national average in math and verbal scores on the SAT. We are proud that 100 percent of our graduates go on to college. Presentation alumnae frequently report that they feel very prepared for rigorous college work, especially in the areas of writing and study skills.

We are the right size.
Like larger high schools, Presentation offers a wide variety of classes, clubs and organizations, a competitive athletic program and a beautiful campus with state-of-the-art facilities. And yet Presentation has retained a small school feel. With a student population of 750, teachers, counselors and administrators know students by name; no-one gets lost in the crowd. Also, our gym can hold our entire student body, which fosters a sense of community and school pride at assemblies and liturgies.

We are a Catholic high school.
Presentation welcomes students of all faiths, but the Catholic tradition permeates all we do. We firmly believe that faith and spiritual development is crucial to nurturing the whole person. Every student attends liturgical celebrations and prayer is part of our daily life. In this faith community, we experience God's love through others.Our school motto, "Not Words, But Deeds," helps us put our faith into action, tackling social justice and human rights issues through service.