The music program at Presentation offers a variety of courses designed to help novice and experienced students alike hone their piano and keyboarding skills.
Courses are taught in the piano lab where each student uses their own touch-sensitive electronic keyboard and headphones. All music courses include the opportunity for students to perform in a public venue, providing a fitting culmination to their hard work in the classroom.

Piano Keyboarding

Level 1

Piano Keyboarding Level 1 students often enter the course having no experience playing the piano or perhaps have had one year of lessons, usually as an elementary student. Some students are able to read music and others may have the ability to play by ear. Students progress at varying speeds and are soon broken into groups to allow for individualized learning.

At the beginning of the program, students will find that there are other students with a similar background and playing level. All are welcome and no prerequisites are required. All students will leave with the ability to play piano at a basic level and will be able to read music. The course concludes with a semester-end music recital in the Valenzuela Theater.

Level 2

Piano Keyboarding Level 2 students have either completed level 1 of Piano Keyboarding or have some level of previous experience that allows them to play at an intermediate level. Students are able to read music and have some knowledge of chords and scales.

Students will progress at varying speeds and be taught in an individualized manner, allowing the instructor to address varying strengths and weaknesses. The course culminates with a semester-end music recital in the Valenzuela Theater.