Spring Sports Registration and Parent Participation

Student Information

The fee for student participation in a sport is $180 per season.

Parent Information

Booster Membership

Please enter an amount of $1,000 or above.​​
Please enter an amount between $500 and $999.​​


Note: If your company will match your donation, please visit the company's website or HR department for matching gift forms.

Event Support Options

Every family is required to work at two sports events during their athlete's season. In lieu of working at a sports event, parents may select a buy-out option. Please select from the following options:


Click on Submit below to enter your credit card information. After processing your payment information, you will be directed to our Signup Genius site for work shift sign-ups. If you opted out of working both shifts, you can disregard this site and your registration will be complete. To pay by check, please contact the Athletics Office.