December 4th -- Parent Updates

December 4th -- Parent Update

Dear Families,

We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving break.  We are proud of our students, faculty, and staff all of whom continue to go above and beyond, demonstrate incredible resiliency, and remain committed to learning and service in these difficult times. And, we continue to be grateful for your partnership as we work to provide your daughter with the best possible experience through this unprecedented time.

There have been several updates issued by state and local agencies in the last week and we remain concerned with the continued increase in COVID-19 cases in our county. Just today Santa Clara County along with several other Bay Area counties issued stay-at-home orders starting this Sunday; it is important to note these orders do not apply to schools.  We hope the following information helps clarify Presentation’s plans for the second semester in line with our reopening priorities.  We also invite you to join us for office hours on Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. to discuss any questions you may have.

On-Campus Activities
We have had many students on campus this fall in our co-curricular and learning cohorts. Optional on-campus co-curricular cohorts (i.e. Athletics, Dance, Theater, Campus Ministry, etc.) will continue and we plan to expand these offerings as early as January.  And, our academic support cohort for students who require additional support from our student services team continues to meet.  We are also developing plans to open and expand our optional remote learning cohorts early in second semester.

Celebrating the seniors and welcoming the freshmen to campus is important to us and we are committed to maintaining Presentation’s important traditions and prioritizing these activities.

Instructional Plans
We will begin second semester with remote instruction through February and will continue our intentional, phased approach to bringing students back to campus with the aim of resuming on-campus instruction later in the semester.  To better support both students and teachers and prepare for the spring, we are:

  • Adjusting the bell schedule to increase synchronous class times, which will allow for more face-to-face interaction and instruction.
  • Investing in additional teacher professional development and allotting more time at the beginning of second semester for teachers to prepare their courses.
  • Researching new technology to support varied instructional models.
  • Redesigning the flow of traffic, the use of space on campus, and upgrading our facilities to ensure that we meet or exceed the health and safety recommendations.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work to support the needs of our entire community while responsibly adapting to changing conditions in our county.

CIF announced that “all full practice and competition start dates are officially on hold” until further notice.  All Season 1 dates, including tryouts, parent meetings, and team schedules will be adjusted once a new start date is announced.  The optional on-campus training sessions will continue through December 11th and restart early in the second semester.

Travel Guidelines
The most recent county directive mandates that any individuals who traveled more than 150 miles outside the county must quarantine for two weeks.  To protect the health of our community, campus access will be limited over Christmas break and until January 19th.

For more information, you may read each of the latest policy changes here:

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.